Eternal Aquarius Angels

Eternal Aquarius Angels, Attunements, and Spiritual growth

Archangel Uriel

Uriel rules our mental plane, our thoughts and ideas, creativity, insights, judgement, majic , alchemy, astrology, universal consciousness, divine order, the distribution of power, the cosmic universal flow, and the Earth's environment.

Uriel is humanities link to the spiritual realms, and he can show us how to find our inner power through a process that will help each individual, shift in consciousness, and therefore accelerate the entire human kingdom shift towards peace.

As the Archangel of Salvation and tranquillity, Uriel can show us how to heal every aspect of our lives. Turning disappointment's into victories,  finding blessings in adversity and releasing the painful burdens and memories of the past, through the application of unconditional forgiveness. 

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