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Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael (Pronounced MY-Kel) is the most well known of all the Archangels.

His name means "he who is like God" or he who looks like God and is classed as the leader of the Archangels.

Michael works closely and guides the lightworkers on Earth, supporting their life purpose, helping then when needed.  He guides them to give healing or spiritual teaching and guidance, either professionally or casually.  His main task is to rid the earth and inhabitants from fear.

He inspires leadership and lightworker in us all, and we have knowledge that he has taught Adam from the garden of Eden how to farm to care for his family.  he gave Joan of Arc courage to lead France during the Hundred Years' war and much closer to date he was announced Saint Michael "the Patron of Police Officers" because he helps with heroic deeds and bravery.

Michael guides and directs those who feel lost, or stuck with respect to their life's purpose or career path.  He re-energises the unmotivated or even fearful back into action while giving you clear guidance about which step to take next.

He calls us to Truth, Integrity and Power and asks that we develop this within us and he will strip away all that belongs to the old and anything that is no longer true for us, so that we can stand in our power as an "I AM".  Archangel Michael is very close in our conciousness at this time of resurrection of joy.

The Attunement

The Archangel Michael Attunement is a beautiful attunement.  It will strengthen your connection to him .  If you are a lightworker, feeling a little lost as to your direction or path, this attunement will guide you, strengthen you and smooth your path. If you've not received an attunement before , this is an idea first time connection.  This was the first attunement I ever received. It led me to where i am now, and I'm so happy to pass this on to you .

This attunement, carried out distantly.  To which I will send you a manual and on completion a certificate. Please visit the Courses and Attunements page.

Please go to the Courses and Attunements link, if you'd like to join me for a day, to learn more via the Little Angel Workshop