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Welcome to Eternal Aquarius Angels

Welcome to Eternal Aquarius Angels Section.  Rusty Wallis  an Holistic Therapist,  Reiki Master and Teacher and Meditation Teacher

Through my Spiritual journey,  I've been attuned to many "energies" including the Angels. 

We all have Angels or guides that assist us in our daily lives.   The Angels are with us wherever we are. They guide and support us with love, at all times. 

Angels are always ready to help us, as they are messengers of love and light.  Through this connection , I'm able to pass on my knowledge and attunements as well as Angel card readings.

Please feel free to contact me, should you need any assistance or help.

With love and light


Rusty x x x 






Please also take a look at the FREE  ENERGY EMPOWERMENTS on the

"Eternal Aquarius Reiki" Link. These are for all who wish to try them.

Id also appreciate your feedback regarding them.

All Attunements can be purchased safely and securely through the secure on-line payment service Paypal. 


Welcome to the Little Angel Workshop

An informal, fun, practical and different way to introduce you too the Archangels and your Guardian Angel (s)

A Workshop encompassing the following :-


  • To become more familiar with them
  • Their Characteristics and roles
  • How to work with them
  • Understanding the signs when an Angel is around you
  • How to identify them
  • Other signs that your Angels are present
  • Communicating and connecting with your Angels


Along with  


  • What and how your Angels can assist you with, in your Daily lives .


If this is something your interested in and would like to learn more about the Angelic Realm, then this is a workshop you're going to enjoy

Please go to the Courses and Attunements link, if you'd like to join me for a day, to learn more via the Little Angel Workshop    



Eternal Aquarius Holistic Health and Well being,  has a strict no refunds policy, once services have been booked and payment has been processed.  Should your circumstances change or you make an error at the time of booking, we will be more than happy to give a credit note,  to the full value of the service that you have paid for. 
This credit note can be used against future treatments or services provided by Eternal Aquarius within 6 months


Next Beginners Meditation For Relaxation Class 2019

Take a time out to unwind and relax with guided meditation. Learn how to find inner calm and enjoy the benefits meditation has to offer.

Please visit my meditation page via this link

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