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Courses and Attunements

I currently have the following Angel Workshop and Attunements available.

However, on the Eternal Aquarius Reiki link, on the right , there are many more Empowerments and Healing attunements.

You will also find on the Eternal Aquarius Reiki Link some FREE attunements which are available to everyone.  I'd love to hear you feedback regarding these.

Each of the Angel or Energy systems listed on my site are offered as a distant attunement. You MUST be over 18 to purchase and receive any of the attunements available.

Upon receiving the payment Via PayPal , via the Attunement Shop, I will send you out a manual covering the attunement you have purchased. 

Please read through the Manual and when you are happy with it  we can arrange a date and time for you to receive your attunement.

On completion of your attunement,  I will be happy to send you a certificate 


Anjie x


The Little Angel Workshop

Welcome to the Little Angel Workshop

An informal, fun, practical and different way to introduce you too the Archangels and your Guardian Angel (s)

A Workshop encompassing the following :-

~To become more familiar with them

~ Their Characteristics and roles

~ How to work with them

~ Understanding the signs when an Angel is around you

~ How to identify them

~ Other signs that your Angels are present

~ Communicating and connecting with your Angels

Along with  

~ What and how your Angels can assist you with, in your Daily lives .

If this is something your interested in and would like to learn more about the Angelic Realm, then this is a workshop you're going to enjoy

WHEN: please contact me for further details 

WHAT TIME: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm Approximately


~ A Blanket

~ A packed Lunch and snacks for your day

~ Please wear comfortable clothing as this workshop includes

2 x 1 hr long Meditations

~ Water will be provided throughout the day

£35.00 per person. Limited places available, due to the Nature of the workshop

Price includes a Manual

To secure your place a £10.00 Non-Refundable Deposit is required 


Archangel Michael Attunement

A beautiful attunement brings divine energy through Archangel Michael.  Founded by Ole Gabrielsen.

Archangel Michael is the most well known of all Archangels. He is the warrior of light and protection.  Wielding his sword of blue flame, Michael works closely with lightworkers on Earth. If you feel lost Archangel Michael will guide you clearly and step by step, back on track. He calls us to truth integrity and power and asks us to develop and rely upon our inner knowledge.



To purchase this attunement,please visit the Attunement Shop.      £ 10.00

Colours of Angels Attunement

Colours of Angels was developed and channelled by Steven Lovering

Colours of Angels offers 7 connections with 7 Archangels and their respective rays.  These 7 connections are offered in one distant attunement that will connect you to each Archangel and you will then be able to call upon any or all of these Archangels whenever you wish.


To purchase this attunement, please visit the Attunement Shop.     £ 10.00

Angels of Light Attunement

 Angels of Light Attunement founded by Susan Beaumont

This attunement will raise your vibration to a higher level. There are 4 attunements as part of the angels of Light Initiation. 

The Third Eye Attunement - Using the Mandela which originated in Eastern Religions. Its circular and represents the Universe and Wholeness. The Mandela has been used by many to align themselves to the Angels.

Upper Astral crown Initiation - Seeks to fine tune your alignment and open a clear channel to the angels, so that you can accept messages and healing directly.

The Heart Attunement - Seeks to open the heart Chakra, which is essential in working with healing energy in any form.

Angel Initiations - These Initiations aim to connect you directly to a spiritual presence or a new guide or Angel guide. 


To purchase this attunement , please visit the Attunement Shop.    £ 10.00

Angel Reiki  - Reiki Masters Only

The Archangels take a particular interest in humans. They enjoy assisting and strengthening us. 

The Angel Reiki System is a way to connect to the loving healing powers of the Angels and the Reiki Source of energy. 

Angel Reiki can be learned as a stand alone system or used in conjunction with traditional Usui Reiki.


To purchase this attunement, please visit the Attunement Shop       £ 30.00

Angelic Empowerment

Developed and channelled by Rev.Wendy Robinson Spirit of Native light.

This is a wonderful Empowerment that, connects you more strongly to the natural energies of the Angelic Realm, and prepares your physical body and energy system for deeper work with the Angels.

There 5 attunements to this Empowerment.


Guardian Angel – Empowerment

1st Triad connects you with the Seraphim, Cherubim and thrones

2nd Triad connects you with the Dominions, Virtues and Powers

3rd Triad connects you with the Principalities.

Archangel Empowerment.

No Pre-requisite required

To purchase this attunement please visit the Attunement Shop        £10.00 

Sapphires  of Angels

Sapphires of Angels was developed and channelled by Steven Lovering

This follows on from Stephen Lovering's Colours Of Angels Course and is a lovely expansion and addition

Following on from my work with Colours of Angels I was shown Sapphires on many occasions.  I have always associated a Sapphire with the colour blue so connected this with Archangel Michael.  I was then shown Sapphires in many other colours and during a channeling session was given the connections with the other Archangels. 


 Sapphires are available in many different colours and all have different properties.  Each Angel connected me to the energy of these wonderful Sapphires and I was guided to pass these connections on to others.

You do not need to purchase each Sapphire as a stone – they can be placed etherically in to a person’s aura and the qualities and properties of each sapphire will be with that person permanently.

As with the Colours of Angels, visualisation is the key to working with the Sapphires of Angels. Sapphires are also known as the wisdom stone and this, along with the guidance of each Archangel will help you on your spiritual and life path.

Simply welcome and accept the wisdom that each angelic sapphire is bringing to you and feel the qualities and wisdom infuse your body, soul and aura to help guide you on your spiritual path.

When you are in need of extra guidance and wisdom simply call upon the Archangel and Sapphire to guide and protect you.


Pre requisite required Colours of Angels

There are seven Sapphire connections in this attunement course.  These are:-
Archangel Michael's Blue Sapphire - Spiritual Truth and Protection.
Archangel Jophiel's Yellow sapphire - Spiritual Abundance.

Archangel Chamuels Pink sapphire - Love and Emotions.

Archangel Gabriel's White Sapphire - High Spritual Conciousness.

Archangel Raphael's Green Sapphire - Vision and Compassion.

Archangel Zadliel's Purple Sapphire - Awakening and Calming.

Archangel Urie's Star Sapphire - Intuition. 

To purchase this Attunement, please visit the Attunement Shop.     £ 15.00