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The Little Angel Workshop


An informal, fun, practical and different way to introduce you too the Archangels and your Guardian Angel (s)


A Workshop encompassing the following :-


~To become more familiar with them


~ Their Characteristics and roles


~ How to work with them


~ Understanding the signs when an Angel is around you


~ How to identify them


~ Other signs that your Angels are present


~ Communicating and connecting with your Angels


Along with


~ What and how your Angels can assist you with, in your Daily lives .


If this is something your interested in and would like to learn more about the Angelic Realm, then this is a workshop you're going to enjoy


WHEN: please contact me for further details


WHAT TIME: 10.00 am to 5.00pm Approximatley




~ A Blanket


~ A packed Lunch and snacks for your day


~ Please wear comfortable clothing as this workshop includes


2 x 1 hr long Meditations


~ Water will be provided throughout the day


£35.00 per person. Limited places available, due to the Nature of the workshop

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